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Spazio Tower is a development of mixed use property which provide you a convenient 24-hour office in West Surabaya. This office tower is designed with a comprehension that that time is invaluable. Therefore, you will experience the versatility and the flexibility of working hours with us. You have full control over your own work so that you could be as a productive, as effective, and as efficient as you wish to be. The first time you step in, you will be greeted by an exclusive and elegant lobby which would leave a long-lasting impression on both you and your business colleagues. In conclusion, by joining us, you shall experience and enjoy the advantageous benefits of Spazio Tower.



1 Storey


11 Storeys


2 Storeys


Service area or common areas in the Spazio Tower placed separately, to keep the workplace undisturbed. Food and Beverages retails provided not only for entertainment but also to fulfill the needs of lunch place for the internal office worker without going out and experienced a traffic jam around. Other than that we also have a larger design.

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